Ziomara ADF

Sire:  Navarre GF
Dam:  Zarzamora Del C
DOB:  April 14, 2008
Height:  15.3
Color:  Bay, few white hairs forehead
Temperament:  Bright and Easy going
Registration:  IALHA 13086(S)
ANCCE  7240150803EU121
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Ziomara ADF has had one colt.  She is trained to ride primarily arena and trails.  She has a very sweet disposition and is very kind.

Olivia SR

Sire:  Esplendido LXIX

Dam:  Omega GF
DOB:  May 2, 2014
Height:  16.0
Color:  Grey
Temperament:  Medium
Registration:  IALHA 17204(S)
PRE-Mundial  840USA201400044
ANCCE Pending
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Olivia SR is a beautiful young mare, she has been well started with riding but would not recommend for an amateur as she is a bit more spirited and can be nervous.  However she is extremely friendly and loves people.

Yedra JIM

Sire:  Paris JIM
Dam:  Opulenta JIM
DOB:  June 22, 2004
Height:  16
Color:  Bay, star, R Hip Brand
Temperament:  Easy going
Registration:  IALHA 17197(S)
ANCCE 1901010024MX324
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Yedra JIM is a wonderful mare.  She has been a great producer and is trained to ride.  Would be suitable for any level of rider.  She is very kind and gentle.

Vendita RJ

Sire:  Oniris 1
Dam:  Vendita
DOB:  April 8, 2005
Height:  16.2
Color:  Grey (No markings)
Temperament:  Easy going
Registration:  IALHA 8904(S)
ANCCE 7240150501EU598
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Vendita RJ is a lovely mare and good producer.  She is trained to ride and suitable for amateur rider.  She has been ridden in the arena and on trail.

Lanita SR

Sire:  Ladino GF
Dam:  Lunalita
DOB:  July 13, 2012
Height:  17.1
Color:  Bay (No markings)
Temperament:  Medium
Registration:  IALHA 16518(S)
ANCCE 7240151204EU103
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Lanita SR is very tall and athletic.  She is well started but wouldn’t recommend for an amateur as she is sensitive and reacts quickly.  However, she is a wonderful performance prospect and has a great pedigree.  She has never been bred.

Non Andalusian Mares


Sire:  Morgan
Dam:  Shire
DOB:  December 17, 2000
Color:  Sorrel, Blaze, Socks
Temperament:  Easy going
Registration:  N/A
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Babe is an exceptional horse trained to ride and drive and suitable for anyone.  She is so gentle and kind.  She has had a beautiful ½ Andalusian colt so is a good broodmare as well.

Carousel Beauty

Sire:  Fritzy King Chex (AQHA)

Dam:  Rare Momentt (Arabian)
DOB:  July 17, 2012
Height:  13.3
Color:  Chestnut Roan, Star, Blaze, Snip etc.
Temperament:  Medium
Registration:  HAHR  1A375971
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Carousel is a really nice half Arabian half Quarter horse mare.  She has been used by young girls barrel racing, working cattle, trail riding and arena work.  However she is more spirited with the Arabian in her so I wouldn’t recommend for an amateur.

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