Ziomara ADF

Sire:  Navarre GF
Dam:  Zarzamora Del C
DOB:  April 14, 2008
Height:  15.3
Color:  Bay, few white hairs forehead
Temperament:  Bright and Easy going
Registration:  IALHA 13086(S)
ANCCE  7240150803EU121
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Ziomara ADF has had one colt.  She is trained to ride primarily arena and trails.  She has a very sweet disposition and is very kind.

Olivia SR

Sire:  Esplendido LXIX

Dam:  Omega GF
DOB:  May 2, 2014
Height:  16.0
Color:  Grey
Temperament:  Medium
Registration:  IALHA 17204(S)
PRE-Mundial  840USA201400044
ANCCE Pending
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Olivia SR is a beautiful young mare, she has been well started with riding but would not recommend for an amateur as she is a bit more spirited and can be nervous.  However she is extremely friendly and loves people.

Yedra JIM

Sire:  Paris JIM
Dam:  Opulenta JIM
DOB:  June 22, 2004
Height:  16
Color:  Bay, star, R Hip Brand
Temperament:  Easy going
Registration:  IALHA 17197(S)
ANCCE 1901010024MX324
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Yedra JIM is a wonderful mare.  She has been a great producer and is trained to ride.  Would be suitable for any level of rider.  She is very kind and gentle.

Lanita SR

Sire:  Ladino GF
Dam:  Lunalita
DOB:  July 13, 2012
Height:  17.1
Color:  Bay (No markings)
Temperament:  Medium
Registration:  IALHA 16518(S)
ANCCE 7240151204EU103
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Lanita SR is very tall and athletic.  She is well started but wouldn’t recommend for an amateur as she is sensitive and reacts quickly.  However, she is a wonderful performance prospect and has a great pedigree.  She has never been bred.

Non Andalusian Mares


Sire:  Morgan
Dam:  Shire
DOB:  December 17, 2000
Color:  Sorrel, Blaze, Socks
Temperament:  Easy going
Registration:  N/A
Gender:  Mare

Details:  Babe is an exceptional horse trained to ride and drive and suitable for anyone.  She is so gentle and kind.  She has had a beautiful ½ Andalusian colt so is a good broodmare as well.

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